Getting the ArLT website up to date

I sometimes think painting the Forth Bridge has something in common with keeping a fistful of websites up to date. I used to be told as a child that as soon as the painters had reached the end of the bridge, it was time to start again at the other end.

Anyway, I have just done a rough count, and there are over 500 pages of the ArLT website proper up there on the server, not to mention 2883 posts on the ArLT blog.

So, while the plumber and his mate were replacing my worn-out water heater today I have been trying to update part of the website, the part dealing with A level unseens. It’s not quite finished yet, but on its way. If you have access to the For Teachers section, you can check up on how the work is going.

I see that OCR has provided two schemes of work for teaching the Latin language parts of AS level. I think this must be a first. I’ve heard Classics teachers speak ruefully about the lesson plans that teachers of other subjects can just download and use. This OCR initiative is a welcome step towards providing the same for Classics.

Of course Classics teachers have a sturdily independent streak – otherwise they wouldn’t have chosen the subject – and I don’t expect many will follow the scheme of work slavishly. Indeed, the author(s) say as much. But new teachers will welcome it, and no teacher is so old and wise that they can’t pick up ideas.

Anyway, to see the state of affairs on the website, log in with your impossibly long and complicated password and follow the link to A level Latin unseens. AS and A2 are now on separate pages, and I have included the relevant extract from the OCR syllabus for each level.

The OCR schemes of work do call for a number of Power Point presentations. What about arranging to share the work of making these, and pooling the results on the website?  

PS If you’ve lost your log-in details, drop me an email at david(at) and I’ll check the database and send you what you need.

Vocab list for AS Latin (OCR) on line.

From the OCR Classics Community comes the reminder that the new vocab list for AS level Latin is on line here.

This is for the June 2009 exam.

It’s a pdf file, and no, there are no macrons.