More Rouse stuff

You can buy audio cassettes of the Rouse translations of the Iliad and the Odyssey here.

There are some fascinating letters from Ezra Pound to Rouse about his translation of the Odyssey on Google Books. Rouse evidently sent Pound his draft versions for criticism, and Pound made trenchant comments. He said that the opening of Book V was simply bad!

From another letter:

No, I am not cursing you fer not making your kings talk like gangsters. -/-/
Where the translation can be improved is in dimension of inflection of the voice. Possibly no change of vocabulary required, but the greater variety of intonation and of sentence movement. The indication of tone of voice and varying speeds of utterance. In that, Homer is never excelled by Flaubert or James or any of ’em. But it needs the techniqueof one or more life times.

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