Audio of Virgil Eclogues

Thanks to Rogue Classicism for the link.

This is on Libri Vox .

We should be grateful for the effort that has gone into making the audio available, but having listened to Ec. 1 I can’t fully commend the result.

The two readers (Leni Ribeiro and hefyd) recorded at different times and places, judging by the sound. The man used the better equipment and his sound quality is good. The woman’s voice has too much background hiss.

I don’t believe vowel quantities would pass ArLT recording standards. I had an engineer from the gas company knock on the door to investigate a leak in the middle, so I didn’t give the recording my full attention, but still I wasn’t happy with it. But give it a try yourself.


2 Responses

  1. Yes, Leni and hefyd would have recorded in different places. She is in Brazil and hefyd is in the UK. That’s the wonder of Librivox. Anyone can come and record his or her favourite public domain literature. We do it for fun. :)

    I am exceeding glad that you didn’t listen to the sections I recorded. I am quite sure that my pronunciation would not pass muster. :D But then I haven’t spoken any Latin since my A-level in 1971 and I don’t think we were even allowed to speak it then!

    Multiple versions at Librivox are always welcome – so how about coming and recording one too?

  2. Hi Ruth!

    Sorry if I sounded too critical! I suppose that in the ArLT recordings that we do we are always hyper-critical of each other, and it is a rare thing for the first attempt at recording to be passed. Our wonderful sound engineer Richard Dawkins is happy for us to re-record a single duff line and he inserts the corrected version afterwards. It must take him hours and hours.

    Yes, we must look further into Librivox.

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