Caroline Lawrence BM talk ‘A Day in the Life of a Roman Child.’

Salve, David! 

I’ll be doing a talk at the British
Museum called A Day in the Life of a Roman Child. It’s not till January
but it’s booking fast. Every child who books a ticket gets a free copy
of The Pirates of Pompeii.

Gratias maximas ago tibi!

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  1. Dear Caroline,

    I have seen on a blog (absolutely by chance) that you are going to give a speech about “A day in the life of a Roman child” in January, at the British Museum.
    I’m the mother of a boy who studies Latin at Harrodian School and I think this would be a fantastic opportunity for him and his class mates to learn something about life of boys of the same age hundreds years ago.
    I’d like to know if your speech is going to be suitable for boys and girls aged 10.
    In this case I’d arrange a visit for the ones interested.

    Thank you for your help.


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