Set texts for AS Latin 2009

Message from David Carter. From what I have seen of David’s books, they are well worth buying.

Set texts for AS Latin 2009

I saw you recently referred to the Bolchazzy Carducci In Catilinam I which is one of the texts set this year for AS Latin.   Perhaps you could also draw attention to my own version of In Catilinam I in the Classical Workbooks series (

 We’ve only been going since 2006, but already one student in every three taking AS Latin in 2009 is doing it with a Classical Workbook, and the other two aren’t using one because they don’t know that these workbooks exist*.

 Perhaps you might also mention the poetry workbook, Ovid Metamorphoses VIII.  This is much more relevant to the needs of the AS student than the the Hollis version recommended by OCR (which is aimed at scholars and undergraduates). It also costs less than half the price.

3 Responses

  1. I am utterly confused about this specification.
    The new AS-level set prose text seems to be ‘In Catilinam’ (Cicero), but on the specimen papers, the former set text, ‘Pro Roscio Amerino’, comes up.
    My teacher would appear to be confused as well.

    I think I shall probably just prepare ‘In Catilinam’ (1-19) “… adhibere non possit”, in the hope that the actual examination is nothing like the specimen paper.

  2. See this page on the OCR website:

    There are links there to a pdf containing all the set texts, as well as a vast amount of other stuff.
    If you open this:
    and scroll to page 18 (of 103 pages!) you will find that the AS prose text for this summer is indeed In Catilinam.

    Suggest to your teacher that he/she joins the OCR Classics Community, through the OCR website. Teachers share all their problems with syllabus there, and also share useful teaching materials.

  3. I thank you greatly for your solution.
    It is re-assuring to have this website confirm ‘In Catilinam’ as the set text.

    I should stress that I study by correspondence, so my tutor is not in the position to be really “clued up” as to what goes on in the world of Latin examinations, due to number of students. I shall make the proposed suggestion nonetheless!

    Yet I am still at a loss as to why the specimen paper contains Cicero’s ‘Pro Roscio Amerino’ and Ovid’s ‘Metamorphoses’, which appear to be a combination of the “legacy” and the “revised” 2009 specifications.

    By the way, my teacher has told me to study the set texts for the legacy specification (incl. ‘Pro Roscio’), for which there will be AS-level examinations in the summer.
    Can you confirm that this specification is valid only for those re-sitting the AS, and that as I am in the “first teaching September 2008” cohort, I should be following the revised spec?

    Thanks so much for responding – I genuinely did not expect such a fast and effective response!

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