New Latin and Greek GCSE set texts

Thanks to David Carter for finding and sharing the OCR set texts for GCSE Latin and Greek. The use of a new OCR Anthology to be published by OUP looks like the quid pro quo for OUP paying to be the partner publisher to OCR.

OCR have just released the new GCSE Latin and Greek for 2009.

As last time, the set texts are buried away deep in the detailed specifications, so I’ve listed the Latin ones at the bottom of the homepage on my website

Briefly, for verse literature they’ve kept Virgil Book VI, now with 135 lines instead of 175.  However they’ve scrapped the Nisus and Euryalus/Amor CLA selections after only one year and replaced it with a dreary piece from Ovid’s Tristia as he packs up his bags to go off into exile.  Disappointing.

For prose they’ve kept CLA Druids and Boudicca, but scrapped Pliny Vesuvius and replaced it with selections from Cicero Pro Cluentio and Tacitus Annals XII (poisoning of Claudius).  It sounds forbidding but in fact the Pro Cluentio is rather good (mother of the bride gets the hots for the bridegroom – good News of the World stuff).

Both the Ovid Tristia and the Pro Cluentio/Annals XII are prescribed from a new book called the OCR Latin Anthology published by Oxford University Press, but I can’t find any details about it even on the OUP website.



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