Stadium near Naples half excavated.

Possibly another place to take your eager students during your Bay of Naples trip. I’d like to see some pictures.

POZZUOLI, Italy, Oct. 10 (UPI) — The Roman stadium where Emperor Antoninus Pius staged Rome’s version of the Olympic Games will be open this weekend for the first time in almost 500 years.

Archaeologists have so far excavated half of the stadium, which was
built of volcanic rock around 142 A.D. near Naples, and was buried by
volcanic ash in 1538 following an eruption by Mount Nuovo, ANSA
reported Friday.

”Like the great Italian culture capitals of Florence, Venice, Rome
and Urbino, Pozzuoli can also take advantage of its illustrious past,
which is reflowering from the bowels of the earth,” said Pozzuoli
Mayor Pasquale Giacobbe.

In 1931, a road was built through the middle of the ancient stadium,
which complicated the excavation project, the Italian news service

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