Calling all who would like to be able to speak Latin

Dear David,
There will be another meeting of teachers and
others trying to speak in Latin this Sunday and I list below the
message which I have sent to the regular participants.  I’d be grateful
if you could you put it on the ArLT blog to publicise the event.  A
brief overview of the meetings can be found via the Latinum site of
Evan Millner at this web address:
Keith Rogers

Cethegus fautoribus linguae Latinae s.p.d


dies loquendi latine nobis appropinquat!


die duodecimo mense Octobri (id est die solis) hora secunda
postmeridiana in caupona ‘Chamberlain Hotel’ quae prope stationem
subterraneam ‘Tower Hill’ est. infra est situs interretialis huius
cauponae ut omnes sciatis ubi sita sit::


in hac sessione mecum feram commentaria nubeculata (id est ‘comics’ anglice) de quibus poterimus loqui, disputare et iocari.  si
quis habet scriptum carmenve quod gratissimum est ei et idoneum ad
sermonem excitandum, rogo ut ad me talia scripta carminave mittas.  ante sessionem haec ad omnes distribuam


infra est index dierum huius anni:


die duodecimo mense Octobri

die nono mense Novembri

die quarto decimo mense Decembri


libenter omnes in caupona die solis videbo!


cura ut pancratice valeatis

Go and see ‘Medea’ in Altrincham in December – free

This has been passed on to me, and I am happy to pass it on. I have removed the @ in the email address. Don’t want to make it too easy for spammers…

Subject: Medea

I’m the new Head of Classics at Loreto Grammar School for girls in
Altrincham and thought I would let you know that we’re putting on a
production of Euripides’ Medea in December.  We are intending to do a
schools’ matinee performance on Monday 8th December at 2pm free of
charge to any schools who would like to attend.  The evening
performances will be on 8th adn 9th December and tickets will be sold
for these.  Could you pass this information on and ask anyone who is
interested to email me so that I can add them to my mailing list and
give them confirmed details nearer the time.

Thank you
Gemma Ball (loreto.classics(at)

An erudite and amusing letter to The Times

Sir, The Romans kept ring-necked parakeets as pets (letters, Oct
). Pliny describes them in his Natural History. “India sends us the
parakeet . . . its body is green marked by a red collar round the neck. It
greets its master and repeats words it hears, being especially lively when
given wine.”

Two of these parakeets are depicted in a mosaic floor of the Villa Dionysos at
Knossos in Crete (2nd century AD). They are accurately drawn, almost
certainly from life, and are shown with a large wine krater between them —
they were probably family pets. They can be seen on the website of the
British School at Athens, at The parakeets are in
Room N1.

Has anyone here tried putting wine in a bird bath?

Sara Paton

London W4