Spring clean for Roman baths in Welwyn

24 hour museum

week a group of volunteers descended on Welwyn Roman Baths in
Hertfordshire, on a staff day-out to clean up the ancient baths.

Staff of the Deloitte St Albans office took it upon themselves to help give the baths a much-needed spring clean.

Tasks inside included collecting dead beetles, which had been buried
amongst the Roman ruins, whilst outside the spring cleaning revolved
around trimming the overgrown trees and grass, along with a fresh lick
of paint to the doors around the site.

Stuart McCabe, a tax partner who was involved in cleaning the Baths,
said: “The Community Day was a resounding success. It was really
rewarding for the team and I to put something directly back into the
local community.”

Caroline Rawle, curator at the museum, was in turn delighted
with the work done by the Deloitte workers, commenting on the “huge
difference the effort will make to our workplace.”

Over 1,500 Deloitte employees around the UK set aside their regular work to contribute to local community organisations

The Welwyn baths are situated in a preservative
steel vault, nine metres under the A1 motorway. Like most public baths
of the time, the Welwyn baths were originally part of a grander villa –
in this case, a third century AD villa named Dicket Mead.

It was not until the 1960s when the baths were discovered and the site
was slowly excavated to unearth what’s on display for visitors today.

Although the baths are no longer working, the intricately preserved
structure of them makes it easy to get a vivid picture of just how the
baths once served as a retreat, not only for washing, but as a centre
for social activities.


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