Vowels with macrons

Mention of macrons in vocab lists sent me to Open Office to find how easy they are to insert. They are easy enough, but a little time-consuming.

ā Ē ē Ī ī Ō ō Ū ū

Using Open Office : Insert : special character : Latin extended A

There is an add-on for Open Office that makes it quicker, but I haven’t tried it. It’s at


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  1. The easiest and traditional alternative to a macron, using Word and suitable for most computer messages, is the circumflex. In documents I use ctl+alt+^, vowel. Unfortunately this does not come out in this weblog box.

    I therefore will here use the ASCII code: alt+keypad number —
    â 0226; Â 0194; ê 0234, Ê 0202; î 0238, Î 0206; ô 0244, Ô 0212; û 0251, Û 0219.
    Unfortunately this does not include y macron, although this is not given in the Open Office list either, although one can at a pinch use y-umlaut — ÿ 0255, Ÿ 0159.

    Similar numbers in Word documents for the six vowels are:
    macra — 0257, 0256; 0275, 0274; 0299, 0298; 0333, 0332; 0363, 0362, 0563, 0562;
    breves — 0259, 0258; 0277, 0276; 0301, 0300; 0335, 0334; 0365, 0364; 1118, 8168.

    Otherwise, in Word there is the Insert — Symbol system, which I find a bit clumsy, although it allows y-diacritics and breves, and it is possible to note the Unicode character codes and use them instead.

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