Archaeological dig hopes to uncover rare Roman artefacts

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An archaeological dig at Cramond in the north of Edinburgh is hoping to uncover rare Roman artefacts and help solve some of the mysteries of the fort which once stood there.  Local people have been helping excavate the area, which has already produced one of Scotland’s most important finds. 

Uncovering centuries of history, volunteers are hoping to shed light on the Roman settlement at Cramond, have already made some significant discoveries. 

For the volunteers wielding trowels, the Cramond dig offers a rare chance to experience history first hand. One said: “It’s been really interesting.  We have quite a few trenches, and we’ve been looking at the different floor levels.”

Another added: “This is my second dig, and the first one where we have found structures and artefacts and finds of my own, so it’s been really brilliant.” 

The excavations  at Cramond have already uncovered a wealth of Roman artefacts, from coins and pottery to glass and metalwork and in 1997, Cramond also provided one of the most important single archaeological finds in Scotland. 

A fantastically well preserved statue of a lioness was discovered in the mud at the mouth of the River Almond, and because they were often made in pairs, the speculation ever since is that there could be another close by.

John Lawson, archaeologist at Edinburgh City Council, said: “Well we can only hope!  I think the Lioness was a once in a lifetime discovery – I actually worked on that dig and I would love to find another one, but there is so much else waiting to be discovered here as well.”

This weekend, the public are being invited to view the Cramond dig for themselves.

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