Classics in new humanities/ social sciences diploma

Dear All
I’ve volunteered to
represent JACT (stand in for Alan Clague..) on a couple of meetings about the
new humanities/ social sciences diploma due to come on stream in a couple of
years. It seems to be at a very preliminary stage & they seem keen to
hear opinions from interested parties including teachers. Classical civilisation
is likely to be included in the program of study: as far as I can gather the
emphasis is to be on skills as much as content, and clearly the classical world
has a lot to offer an interdisciplinary skills based course. It won’t dulplicate
current CC GCSEs or A levels but may apparently include some as study options
although I’m not sure how that will work & whether it wouldn’t defeat the
object of the excercise.
If anyone is interested please contact me asap,
there seems to be quite a lot of pressure to make decisions and it could be a
great opportunity to introduce classical philosophy art literature history etc
into state schools even if only as part of an overview followed by options. Hope
to hear from some of you ….
Thanks a lot


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