A second Roman sarcophagus in Newcastle

From the Shields Gazette

ARCHAEOLOGISTS have lifted the lid on a second coffin discovered at a dig site in Newcastle.

Two Roman stone sarcophagi were uncovered on land earmarked for development.

1,800-year-old sandstone coffins are the first such find – and arguably
the most impressive – in the area for more than 100 years.

They are thought to have been used to bury members of a rich and powerful family from the nearby fort of Pons Aelius.

One tomb contained the poorly-preserved skeleton of a child and the second sarcophagus held the remains of a female.

They have been removed from the site by experts from Durham University.

discoveries in Forth Street include cremation urns, a cobbled Roman
road and a medieval well, the remains of the foundations of Roman shops
and workers’ homes, and the remains of flint tools from Stone Age

All the finds from the site will eventually go
to the new Great North Museum in Newcastle, where the sarcophagi will
be preserved for the public to see.

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