Fully preserved Thracian chariot discovered near Elhovo

From the Sofia Echo – the site has an excellent photo

A team led by archaeologist Daniela Agre
of Bulgaria’s National Institute of Archaeology unearthed an ancient
four–wheel chariot near the Borissovo village in the Elhovo region,
dating back from the first half of the second century ACE, Focus news
agency reported.

Along with the 1900-year-old chariot, in the funeral mound the team
discovered shields, richly adorned in bronze, as well as table pottery
and glass vessels. The finds led Agre to believe that she had come
across the funeral of a wealthy Thracian aristocrat.

The chariot was fully preserved, which, the archaeologist said, was
a rare circumstance and it was the first such case in Bulgaria.

Agre’s team also found the skeletons of two riding horses and some
leather objects placed next to them, believed to be horse harnesses.
The archaeologist suspected the horses have been sacrificed for the
burial ceremony.

Agre has explained that the discovery could be traced back to the
rule of Roman emperor Trajan (from 98 to 117 ACE), when Thrace was a
Roman province. Thracian aristocrats, however, displayed loyalty by
serving in the Roman army, and were able to preserve their privileges
of nobility.

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