Oedipus at the National Theatre

The National Theatre website gives details of the production of a new version by Frank McGuiness.

It starts on 8th October.

Oedipus is Ralph Fiennes, Jocasta Clare Higgins.

2 Responses

  1. I am really very curious about the director’s conception (modern or failthful) about the stage and costumes, but first of all about the performances. RF played roles which had connections with the oedipal problems (e.g. his extreme love of his mother and the identity problem – who am I? what have I done? – in Spider, the later problem appears in ‘Sunshine’ too, he played a blind in ‘The White Countess’ ). He has a wonderful diction so I hope that the adaption doesn’t mean transcription.
    I’m happy I’ve ticket for 24. and 25. Oct. where I’ll find the answer to my questions.

  2. Hope you enjoy it – if ‘enjoy’ is the right word for OT. Feel free to comment again after you’ve seen it.

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