Fun Day at Roman villa

From NewsShopper

CHILDREN laid siege to a historic villa when they travelled back in time and came face-to-face with a Roman soldier.

The fun-day at Crofton Roman Villa in Crofton Road, Orpington, put
on activities including mosaic designing, brass rubbings and replicas
of Roman dice games to entertain visitors.

There was also a chance for younger children to dig around in a sand pit for Roman artefacts at the event on July 20.

The Kent Archaeological Rescue Unit help to maintain the villa and
secretary Edna Mynott said: “The children seemed impressed when our
Roman soldier put on a display to talk about his armour and weapons.

“It is the only Roman villa in Greater London that is open to the
public and I think it is important because it means a lot to the
children. They get to learn a lot about the past and have fun too.”

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