A picture of your students?

Stumbling across this interview from the Ithaca Journal I felt it was thought-provoking for teachers.

This is just an extract:

I’m sort of a good student. I have trouble getting my homework
completed because I don’t have the attention span. I like to be
entertained a lot, which is another reason why I like to play video
games. I’m really good in class and I do well on tests, but I just
can’t concentrate on the homework. A lot of the time I feel that my
homework is repetitive, I already know it, and I get bored, and then
move onto something else, but the reason I like video games is because
there’s variety in what I can do, I can be so many different things.
Video games help me deal with my limitations as to what I can be when I
get out of college because in World of Warcraft there are so many roles
I can play I don’t feel limited. There are so many things I can do with
these different roles. I like that I can group up with people that I’ve
never met before, and go and kill some monster, and at the same time
get to know people that I automatically have something in common with.

have LAN parties with Halo 3, or Call of Duty 4. Sometimes I’ll have
ten or twelve people come over; we have four TV’s set up with a bunch
of X Boxes. I’ve had a few of these LAN parties where we’ve stayed up
all night with food and stuff. And this is a common thing among
teenagers. And yes, it can be distracting, and when I hear that people
say that video games are causing the violence in teenagers today it
annoys me because anyone I know who plays video games is not about to
kill someone in real life just because they killed someone in a video

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