Ribchester re-enactment

From the Lancashire Telegraph which has a photo of an attractive young woman on horseback ‘in garments from the Roman era.’ Really? They are even better preserved than finds in Bonekickers!

By Tom Moseley

A RE-ENACTMENT of a violent Roman battle came too close to reality when one of the soldiers injured himself falling off his horse.

The actor, who was taking part in the Romans in Ribchester event on Saturday, lay on the floor while an ambulance was called to check him out, but he was not seriously injured.

Visitors flocked to the Roman re-enactment organised by Ribchester Roman Museum, which takes place every year.

The popular event, at Ribchester playing fields, saw members of the Legio Secunda Augusta Roman perform cavalry displays and mock fights, including gladiatorial contests.

The re-enactment group, which includes everything from slaves to sculptures in its displays, had pitched tents on the playing fields for the weekend-long show.

Visitors were taken back almost 2000 years as they looked around the camp, tried on Roman armour, felt the weight of the swords used in battle and had their faces painted like warriors.

There was also education on offer for families, with experts explaining what life was like for a surgeon in a field hospital, authentic cooking and craft demonstrations, and women demonstrating how the fashionable ladies of the time would dress.


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