News from Latinum

Encouraging news from Evan Millner:

Latinum is doing very well. There have now been over 1, 850 ,000
(yes, one million, eight hundred and fifty thousand) audio files
downloaded. I have already had over 100,000 audio file downloads this
month alone.
I now have over 50, each chapter offering over 100 minutes of audio, sometimes much more.

I appear to have several thousand regular users of the various lessons,
and the number just keeps on growing. I have attached a map that shows
where users over the past couple of months are located. There are large
clusters of users in China and in Arab countries – places where there
are surely very few if any teachers of Latin.

In addition to Latinum, Johannes Doublier in New York has been
working hard with me on Schola. Schola is the only facebook type social
networking site all in Latin, in existence.
The entire site is in the process of being translated into Latin by John, who is a professional translator. The site is steadily growing, picking up a
handful of new members every week. Only Latin may be used on Schola.
Schola now has over 275 members, after only a few short months online.

Schola has many useful resources for Latin learning, notably a
photographic resource of over 3 000 labelled images for vocabulary
learning. Schola also has a new locutorium, or chatroom. This chatroom
allows for both audio and video, as well as just typing.

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