Report of a primary school day in Caerleon

Pupils hit the Roman road back in time

ROMAN Britain was brought back to life by pupils at Llanilltud Faerdef Primary School.

Years three, four and five spent the day at the Roman Baths in Caerleon.

And a wonderful day was had by all as pupils travelled back in time more than 1,500 years and donned armour for battle in their soldiers’ outfits.

The children also spent time at the barracks and investigated Roman wall art – while also paying a visit to the legionary museum.

Afterwards pupil Hannah Williams said: “I enjoyed the play acting in the Colosseum when Sir had to pick who lived or died.”

Rhodri Poacher added: “I liked playing in the Colosseum.”

And Bryce Marshall said: “I liked the museum and in particular the pictures of the gems that were found.”

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