Report on the Ancaster Roman Festival

>From the Grantham Journal
See link for photos
Published Date: 01 July 2008

Tuesday, 4.30pm – ARCHAEOLOGISTS discovered a first century Roman courtyard during excavations at Ancaster’s Roman Festival at the weekend.

Hundreds of people joined in the fun of the festival, which featured the digs, museum exhibitions, a re-enactment, Roman cooking demonstrations, yarn spinning displays and jazz musical entertainment.

The archaeologists’ find gathered a large crowd of people.

Organiser Neil Butters said: “The excavations were very popular with the visitors and the archaeologists were amazed at the local knowledge.

“People were bringing pieces they had found in their gardens and showing them to the experts.

“The festival was fantastic and it went so much better than we had imagined.

“The whole village came together and I’d like to thank everyone for their help.”

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