How many UK Classics teachers use Quia?

The LatinTeach page referred to in my earlier post today also has a link to quizzes on Quia.

The one I tried seemed a useful test of comprehension, with multiple choice (est, non est, sunt, non sunt) to complete a variety of Latin sentences.

Being based on a textbook not much used in the UK, I guess, these tests would not be so useful here. What I wonder is this. Would it be useful if ARLT took out a corporate subscription so that members could make all manner of activities based on the books we do use, and share them?

The Cambridge Latin Course site probably has enough on-line quizzes/exercises to satisfy any class (though even for CLC there may be room for more); but what about Oxford? What about Common Entrance textbooks? What about Minimus – on second thoughts, Minimus is so go-ahead that they have probably thought of this already!

I await teachers’ comments.

2 Responses

  1. Definitely a good idea. The ML dept at our school makes great use of Quia, and I tried it out on their account and found it very useful, but the Classics budget wouldn’t stretch to it. Same old story!

  2. I’ll raise the idea at the ARLT Summer School and see whether there is enough support to make it worth taking forward.

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