Romans return to the North York Moors June 21-22

From the Darlington and Stockton Times

WHEN the Roman legions abandoned Yorkshire in the early 5th-century they left many signs of their centuries of domination.

Their relics include the remains of a matching camp on the North York Moors – and even a stretch of original Roman road.

And now the days of the legions are to be revived by the largest historical society of its kind in Britain.

The Comitatus period history and research group will be setting up camp in Dalby Forest, near Pickering, on June 21 and 22.

Their legionaries will display the artillery and weapons that won an Empire, but ultimately failed to stem the barbarian tide.

Comitatus member John Conyard, from York, said: “The early fifth
century was a crucial time when the professional Roman army departed
these shores for good leaving behind a Romanised society told to fend
for itself.

“Much of the land was covered in forests and Dalby offers an
atmospheric stage for us to take people back in time. We’ll be
revealing more about army life at the end of the Roman period, with
displays, crafts and archaeological finds.”

Comitatus is based on an elite unit that was based near Bridlington to repel foreign invaders.

The event takes places near the Dalby Forest Visitor Centre and is
free of charge. Activities get underway from 11am. Normal forest toll
charges apply for vehicles. For more information contact the visitor
centre on 01751-460295, or log on to

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