Caerleon excavations – blog to start today

CAF Archaeology for All is hosting a blog to report on excavations in the Priory Field, Caerleon.

Here is the first entry:

Friday 13th June – Sunday 15th June 2008

Cows in the trench!

Our first couple of days have passed eventfully. Lots of activity on Friday with deliveries of equipment and the majority of the trench being stripped by heavy machinery. Then preparations over the weekend with shopping for supplies, sorting out the office and the toolshed and welcoming our digging team. The trench looks promising with signs of building rubble but will need thorough cleaning… especially after an accidental break-out of cattle from the next field on Saturday evening. After an hour or so of running around the field, in and out of the trench, and behind the spoilheap they were finally lured home. Some of them seemed keen to help excavate, but the archaeologists sheltering in their tents or the minibus were still pleased when they went – especially the angry-looking bull!

Posted by Andy 16/6/08

“Be favourable to bold beginnings” Virgil

Background information about the dig, with pictures, is here.

The site informs:

Public tours will be available twice daily during the
excavation season, which runs from June 16th – July 25th 2008
(excluding Saturdays). A guide will meet visitors at the gate to Priory
Field on The Broadway (next to the amphitheatre car park) at 11 am and
2.30 pm.

All are welcome to the Open Days on the 28th and
29th June 2008 when Caerleon hosts the Roman Military Spectacular.
There will be tours running throughout the weekend, displays of the
latest finds and lots of activities for everyone including the chance
to take part in a ‘mini-dig’.

National Archaeology Week will take place from 12th – 20th July 2008
and there will be a number of events during this week, not only at
Caerleon, but also at Cosmeston Mediaeval Village in the Vale of

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