Roman soldier brings history to life

Hexham Courant

SCHOOLS from across Tynedale will have the chance to discover what life was like as a Roman soldier stationed in the loneliest part of the empire on Hadrian’s Wall.

English Heritage is staging 90-minute workshops at Chesters near Chollerford and Housesteads near Haltwhistle, where children can meet the imposing Marcus Aufidius Maximus – or Maximus for short – handle the equipment that Roman soldiers would have used, have a guided tour around the fort and then take part in a drill session dressed up as soldiers.

Maximus alias Steve Richardson, said: “Maximus is not just any Roman soldier. There really was a Marcus Aufidius Maximus in the early Second Century, and we know this because there are two altars dedicated to him in Bath.”

Kim Naylor-Vane of English Heritage’s education team based in York, said the sessions are a vivid and memorable way of bringing history to life for children in the age range of seven to 13.

She added: “While showing that the Romans were living, breathing people in their time, Maximus also helps the children recognise that there is a historical context to everything around us.”

“Meet a Roman Soldier” workshops for schools or other educational groups run throughout the summer term until July 18.

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