A useful exhibition for CLC teachers and students, in Madrid

Thanks to Wilf O’Neill for this:

Anyone teaching or studying CLC Book II will find the excellent ‘Egypt’s Sunken Treasures’ exhibition, now at the Matadero in Madrid until 28 September, informative and fascinating. Around 500 objects, mostly from Canopus and Heracleion, are well displayed and captioned in English.

The optional audio guide is (very!) informative and you will need to allow quite some time to listen to it all, especially if you accept all the invitations to “press the star key for more information about …”! (There is a version for children. but this is available only in Spanish. Be warned that the adult version is quite graphic when it comes to describing a group of fertility-related items.)

(The venue lies off the maps supplied by the tourist office but is quite easy to find: take the metro to Legazpi, and on leaving the station cross the road and go to the right. Huge posters advertise the event and point the way.)

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