Latin and history; Latin and French

More from Brian Bishop.

Dear David,

This might interest anyone with twain interests in history and Latin. See after it another interesting item for Gallist Latinists.

All the best.

In 2006 Bringfield's Head Press published a book of prose and verse, some written in Latin, about the Battle of Ramillies. This year they will be dealing with the Battle of Oudenarde in July, 1708. Any colleague interested should go to this web page:
They are seeking essays and poems in any language, Latin included, about the battle or the war in which it was set.
For further information to this write in English or Latin to D.K. Money []. If you know of anyone outside the list who might be interested, please let them know.

Might I recommend the following podcast to colleagues familiar with listening to French, and to follow its successors during the course of this week?

In the first half of the interview, Paul Veyne, archaeologist and historian, deals in typical gallic abstractions, with the philosophy of the historian, with particular reference to Foucault. The second half uses these tools to look at the rise and function of the Principate.

The interview can be recorded by iTunes.

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