Summer School update 2 – lectures

The latest list of lectures at the ARLT Summer School in Uppingham School, from Monday 21st July to Saturday 26th July 2008.


  • Dr Mark Bradley, University of Nottingham: Purple: colour, culture and meaning in ancient Rome
  • Ashley Carter: The new A level Latin and Greek specifications
  • Dr Patrick Finglass, University of Nottingham: Greek Epic
  • Will Griffiths, Cambridge School Classics Project: teaching Latin for the non-specialist teacher
  • Dr Claire Gruzelier, teacher and member of Omnibus team: Off the beaten track, Conimbriga
  • Professor Thomas Harrison, Liverpool University, Chairman of JACT Council: Herodotus
  • Dr Richard Hawley, Royal Holloway College: Greek Symposia
  • Michael Jones, Lincoln City Council: a tour of Roman Lincoln
  • Dr Jenny March, Editor CA News: Women in Greek Tragedy
  • Wilf O'Neill: Classics isn't only in books
  • Dr Kathryn Tempest, Roehampton University: Rhetoric and the Law Courts, Cicero's pro Roscio Amerino

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