Paperback translations from OUP

My selection from the new list from Oxford. The first is an original work, and the rest are translations. They are all less than £20.

Victorian Women Writers and the Classics

Caesar: The Gallic War – new translation

The Golden Ass, new translation

Four Plautus comedies, translated Segal

Herodotus Histories translated Robin Waterfield

Plato Gorgias translated Robin Waterfield

Plato Republic translated Robin Waterfield

Aesop's fables translated Laura Gibbs

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  1. Thank you for including my Aesop's fables book in your list! Although the Oxford book contains only the English translations, I have all the Greek and Latin originals online for interested teachers and students:
    I also keep a blog with Latin and Greek fables, proverbs, etc. – you can find the blog here:
    Bestiaria Latina
    Thanks again for providing this handy list of World's Classics classics books!
    Laura Gibbs
    University of Oklahoma
    (P.S. I again tried to create an account here in my own name but got this error message when I clicked on the link in the confirmatino email: is temporarily unavailable or does not exist. Please check the address and try again.)

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