Teaching the earliest Latin lessons by the Direct Method

Before the ARLT, CA, and Orbilian Society came together to form JACT, ARLT used to publish a magazine called Latin Teaching. Much of it was given over to reports on summer schools and other matters of merely passing interest, but there are some articles of more lasting value.

An article from June 1965 may be interesting to today's pressurised teachers.

How the Direct Method, described in detail in this article, could be combined with the Latin courses at present in use is an interesting question. Although I was not taught Latin by this Method, I am ever grateful to Miss Sweeney, the Headmistress of my first little school in Dublin for introducing me to French by the Direct Method.

One part of the method would now be taboo. The teacher touches, links arms with, even punches and is punched by pupils, all in the pursuit of understanding and internalising the Latin verb system. No doubt inventive teachers can find an alternative for our more sterile classrooms.


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