On teaching Latin – films on YouTube

Thank to Brian Bishop for this (the eight parts of the video have been embedded below for your convenience):

My attention has just been drawn to these eight YouTube films of Luigi Miraglia explaining why and how he uses the Oerberg 'Lingua latina per se illustrata', a direct method for teaching Latin. Although his pronunciation is the Italianate, it is crystal clear and should be intelligible to anyone who teaches the language by any method. It contains hints for teaching that can be used in other methods, and provides good listening practice.

—–Original Message—–
From: Grex Latine loquentium GREX [mailto:GREX@MAN.TORUN.PL]
On Behalf Of Ernest Schaffer
Sent: 04 May 2008 15:55

Ernestus cuncto gregi s.p.d

Nuper ego inveni nonnullas pelliculas in situ 'Youtube' in
qua Professor Aloisius Miraglia dedit orationem de methodo
linguam Latinam docendi et discendi. In illa oratione ille
locutus est de libris quem Hans Oerberg scripsit, nempe
'Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata'. Hae pelliculae valde
placebuntur omnibus videntibus, mea sententia.


Ernestus Schaffer

In octo partibus dividitur haec pellicula.

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