Not hugely sexy, but …

Catching up on Mary Beard's blog, I was amazed, and very pleased, to find that this blog featured in her list of ten best blogs.

Ten: Not hugely sexy, but the best place for keeping up with Classics news in the UK and elsewhere is the ARLT blog, run by David Parsons.

Thank you, Mary.

According to the rules of the game, I am supposed to nominate my own ten best blogs. Since this is the ARLT blog, I think it only fair to invite ARLT members to contribute their 'best' blogs. I'll kick off with, perhaps, four.

  1. The essential Classics blog (it covers much more than just Classics) is Rogue Classicism. David Meadows has many people sending him links to news, and he offers us the result with a little gentle humour and a few glimpses into his real life.
  2. I must declare an interest in the next blog, because I set it up for Jane Tompsett when she was going to work with the Leprosy Mission in northern Nigeria. It's simply called Jane in Nigeria. She gives a 'warts and all' picture of her daily life, and her successes and failures.
  3. It may seem like mutual back-scratching, but I really do enjoy Mary Beard's blog.
  4. Ph Diva is a mixed bag of Classics, American politics, feminism, cookery and so on. Sometimes Dorothy King annoys me, sometimes informs and amuses.

Now, over to you. If you don't want to fight the technology and leave a coment, email me at davidparsonsd at

As for 'not hugely sexy', I wonder whether I should include my best Classical pinup? Go on, David, go for it!

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