Rap based on Amores I

Thanks to Sally Knights and Redland School for this rap based on Amores I. Words below.

Written by: Alice Kitcatt
Beatboxing: Jack Telfer St Claire
Homies: Jennie Falconer Hall, Katy Moe, Olivia Beard
carmina scribebam
When Cupid shot his bow
With sagittas he struck me down
By stealing feet he messed my flow
I couldn't think
I couldn't speak
I couldn't write
I couldn't sleep
But even so I did not fight
Cause Amor came
And like a flame
You make it worse by shakin' it
My achin' bones are takin' blows
They toss and turn throughout the night
Cupid's got my heart in chains
in pectore Amor reigns
Furor's free
Though modesty
Is taken far away from me
victus sum
make no mistake
But Cupid's glory is well fake
armis victus inermis sum!
Innit tho...
And now I'm chasing Corinna
She's so fit I'm wanting her
I went round the other night
Slunk like a weasel
Out of sight
I was knock knock knockin'
On my domina's door
But my plans were foiled
By the ianitor
And I was knock knock knockin'
Til my knuckles were sore
He just would not open that door!
He seemed to think I was armed or somethin'
All I wanted was a little bit o' lovin'!
I threw my garland on the limina
And on my vultus was a lacrima
At prima luce I went home
Got back to bed and slept alone
I was so angry I was mad!
Though I must admit it's not so bad
As the other time I was denied
When 'NO' was Corinna's reply
Why say 'NO' when recently
We've been at it frequently?
I got lucky one midday
I wish they'd always be that way!
aestus erat, the sun was out
I'd placed my membras on the couch
When - ecce! - Corinna's arrived!
Oh, she has such lovely sides!
Her hair is loose - her tunic too
It's woven so I see right through
To those FORMA... papillarum quam fuit apta PREMI!
My domina is such a foxy LADY!
Call me creepy, call me sleazy
But nil non laudabile vidi
I pressed her corpus close to mine
And we carried on along those lines
You can work the rest out man
singula quid referam?
So anyway
As you can see
Corinna belongs to me!
Her homo tries to make her his
But he don't own a single kiss
Not long ago we went to dinner
And it should have been a winner
Everything was pleasing me
cibum; vinum; company
Then HE showed up
In an ugly cloak
And then a lump rose
In my throat
The threat it posed was just too much
To handle cause I couldn't see
Her covered with that MONSTROSITY
He was all over her
That's how it seemed to me at least
Luckily we had a plan
A code kept secret from her man
She turned her ring
And traced in wine
Promises that she was mine
It's true that she belongs to me
And she'll go down in history
Kept alive in poetry
YEA, she's mine
And I fight to keep her
Know it homey
Love is like a soldier!
I even love her when she's bald
She'll be with me even when I'm old
And dying
Yea, she'll be by my side
Cause I'm so faithful
You better believe this
non sum desultor amoris!

Hic, haec, hoc – on YouTube

Thank to Sally Knights and Redland School for this.

Ovid Amores I 4.31-40

Amores I 4.61-70 – the text translated and explained.

From Chigwell Classics