JACT President takes on new day job

Congratulations must go to JACT President Boris Johnson on his election as Mayor of London. I make no comment for good or ill about his politics, but he has been an outspoken supporter of the Classics and I hope that he may find occasion to use his high office to promote the teaching of Latin and Greek.

My son was outside the GLA building when the result was announced, and I was able to let him hear it from the TV via his mobile. As he said, it was ironic that he had to get the news via long distance technology even though he was only 50 yards away from the action. He was, as it happens, bitterly disappointed by the result.

I was encouraged by Boris' acceptance speech in which he said he would build on what was good in Ken's work. London is a much pleasanter place to walk and cycle in because of the congestion charge. It would be a foolish man who tried to dismantle that. Whether Boris will try to adopt the Roman law and ban all wheeled traffic in the city during daylight hours remains to be seen.

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