Latin in the Park – Oxford Mail report

The Oxford Mail reports on Lorna Robinson's initiative. Lorna points out that the project actually started last week – as reported on the BBC.

Latin lovers in Oxford will get the chance to learn the language – in a park.

Dr Lorna Robinson, who teaches ancient languages in several of Oxford's state schools, has set up special groups to teach adults following interest from pupil's parents.

Starting tomorrow, Dr Robinson will be holding lunchtime Latin sessions in South Park, on Thursdays and Sundays.

She said: “Several parents started coming up to me saying how they would like to learn Latin, but they were nervous they didn't have the education to do it and were a little scared about embarrassing themselves.

“I wanted to get rid of that myth that it was only something for people at public schools. It's great fun to learn and easy to pick up.”

Dr Robinson, 29, works with 15 schools in Oxford with her charity The Iris Project, which she set up to promote classics in state schools.

Dr Robinson said the drop-in sessions would be completely informal, with a £1 voluntary fee for materials so that money was not an obstacle.

She said: “There are already about 20 people signed up for the Thursday classes and almost half that number for the Sunday classes.”

Classes will start on Thursdays at 12pm, and 2pm on Sundays.

For details, email

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