Iris 6 is out in May

The sixth issue of Iris magazine will be out in May. This edition focuses on the search for truth in the ancient world, and includes:

  • Eternal Questions: ancient philosophy on life, the universe and everything
  • chat with Ian Hislop, editor of Private Eye
  • Blood and Sacrifice in the Desert: the lost cult of the Nabataeans
  • Speaking for the Gods: the perils of prophecy
  • The Big Myth: creation stories meet graphic design
  • Sun worshippers: solar power in the Roman empire

… as well as news, outreach features, reviews, games, real life stories, advice, what's on, fiction, translations and other articles.

Iris magazine is part of the Iris Project, an educational charity which promotes access to Classics in state schools in the UK, and half of all copies printed are sent free to state schools. This is funded by paid subscriptions and advertising. If you would like to order the magazine, you can do so through the website.

Thanks and best wishes,


Director, The Iris Project
Registered Charity No. 1121868

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