Another site for sharing Classics teaching resources

Steve Jenkin has emailed with a report on his The Classics Library site, which I think I mentioned when it opened. It is of the essence of the internet that 'a hundred flowers bloom', and the frequent attempts that people make to set up the definitive portal to such and such a topic are doomed to failure.

So I welcome this site, and am glad that it has joined the other lesson-plan, ideas, and teaching-aid-sharing places like the OCR Classics community, the TES teachers' forum, and of course ARLT's own For Teachers section.


The Classics Library is a month old, and I hope you’ve been able to make some use of it! It is fairly easy to find via Google (‘the classics library’ search – currently on the second page of search results), and it has links on the sites of JACT, ARLT and FoC. An article will be appearing in September’s JCT, and the current FoC newsletter. Also, a Common Entrance page has been added, with support from Bob Bass, who is helping alert the Prep School community.


In terms of statistics, in the last month, the site has had almost 2000 unique visits from people, who have downloaded more than 700 files collectively.

So, I’m feeling reassured that there probably is a demand for the site, even accounting for some ‘early buzz’ for something new.


Understandably, many more people are downloading than uploading, and I expect this to always be the way. After all, it takes only one useful resource to be available for any number of people to make use of it. Also, at this time of the year, where we’re all returning from Easter break, and busy with revision for exam classes, we’re all naturally directing our minds at our own students and lessons rather than other people’s.


Still, if the number of downloads suggests the need out there for resources, then please take some time to upload a few files you’ve created and found at all useful. Most of the files on the site, so far, are my own: I’d appreciate seeing other people’s names – I do feel somewhat ‘on show’!!

Files Most Recent

Bob Bass and Eilleen Emmett have uploaded resources for Common Entrance, Cicero’s Pro Roscio Amerino, and GCSE’s Sempronia and Clodia, which are finding new homes out there. Andy Berriman’s hard work on a historical background handout for Cicero’s Pro Roscio Amerino is very popular. I’ve also uploaded texts of Cicero’s in Catilinam 1, Ovid’s Metamorphoses 8, Juvenal’s Satires 3 and 10, Homer Iliad 16, and a translation of Druides (looking ahead to next year…). Those are just files added in the last couple of weeks.

Thanks to everyone who’s accessed the site, and to those who’ve taken something from it.

Looking forward, on everyone’s behalf, to adding new resources from yourselves – without this, the site’s life is very limited!


Steve Jenkin

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