CIRCE wins an EU award

It's a long time – too long – since I visited the CIRCE site. The news page announces that the project has won an award:

Our CIRCE courses have been awarded an LLP Award for outstanding mobility projects from the European Commission. The award will be givenv to the coordinator and one of the CIRCE partners at a meeting of the Commission in the framework of the Slovenian presidency of the EU in Ljubljana on June 12th and 13th 2008.

The coordinator of the CIRCE project, Veerle De Troyer, has presented the CIRCE project at a meeting of the European Commission organised for the 2007 Comenius project/network coordinators on February 7th in Brussels. The CIRCE project was selected by the European Commission as a case of best practice. It was described by the experts who evaluated it as “An interesting project, which engendered enthusiasm from specialists. Excellent outcomes and high quality products in a range of languages”.

Veerle's presentation is here. (45 pages in pdf)

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