Sharing experiences and tips about school trips

While I was away I received a very interesting email from Alan Chadwick. Thanks, Alan.

I'm contacting you to pick your brains. I've just returned from a school trip to Rome. It went as hoped but there were one or two teething problems – I'm sure you are aware of what can go wrong on events such as these. I was just wondering if there was something like TripAdvisor or Virtual Tourist or even Vibe Agent that exists solely for teachers taking school trips? A place where teachers could pool information and anticipate the problems before they arise? Stuff like hotels, places to eat, the sites themselves, even coach companies.

If such a site doesn't exist, do you think JACT or ARLT could be persuaded to set one up? I don't think that it would require much actual work after the site is in place, as it would just be a forum to share and discuss information.

This post is just to alert teachers to the topic and to say that the ArLT site will provide a forum such as Alan suggests. Log into the For Teachers section and follow the link from the home page there. To view the site without being able to log in or contribute, go here.

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