From Lorna Robinson: Radio 4 report on Latin in the Park

Sorry for the short notice of this, but I've only just been told! Radio four recorded a Latin in the Parks session, and are running a piece on it on the PM programme this evening (between 5 and 5:30pm) – thought I'd pass this on in case you'd like to blog it…
(it did pour with rain quite torrentially though!).

Use the Listen Again facility on the BBC website to hear this. Fast forward to about 27 minutes 30 seconds. (Sorry I can't link directly to the recording. Just choose Friday)

See a page on this item here.

I'd have hated to be asked, without warning, how to say “You have been listening to PM on Radio 4”, but I thought Lorna coped well. What would you have said? post meridiem per radiophonicum quartum audivisti? Over to you.

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