The Romans at Stonehenge

Under the provocative title 'Is Stonehenge Roman?', Current Archaeology reports on a Time Team dig which really has found Roman stuff there. An interesting read.

In view of the review about truth posted earlier today on this blog, the following excerpt, which seems to put wishful thinking at the centre, should make us shudder:

So we now have two major research projects being undertaken in the Stonehenge area, both driven by very different research agenda. Tim Darvill and Geoffrey Wainwright believe that the bluestones have healing powers, and they would like to see them arriving at Stonehenge as early as possible. Mike Parker-Pearson however, at Durrington, sees such sites being divided between areas of the living and areas of the dead. Stonehenge, he would like to believe, is an area of the dead, whereas Durrington is an area of the living where the workers lived who built Stonehenge. There are two very different sets of ideas: will they produce different sets of results? Watch out in the future; and if the results ‘prove’ that ‘Stonehenge was a place of healing’ , or ‘another Lourdes’, be just a teeny weeny little bit suspicious. . .

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