Iris Project's Latin in the Park

The Iris Project's Latin in the Park scheme is kicking off in Blackbird Leys
and Littlemore, East Oxford, this week. The scheme is aimed at local
communities, and will take the form of a series of taster sessions held in
local parks. The sessions are designed to be fun, relaxed and informal, and
will involve teachers combining talks on aspects of ancient culture with an
introduction to Latin.

The sessions are free so that everyone can benefit from them, and people
from all walks of life can have a go at picking up a bit of an ancient
language and its culture while having lunch in their local park!

If you live in the area and would like to help support these sessions, or if
you would like to offer support in some other way, we would be delighted if
you got in touch via this email or through the website at

Many thanks and best wishes


Director, The Iris Project
Registered Charity No. 1121868

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