Start your own classroom museum?

If you have browsed my personal website,, you will have seen that I am keen on using Roman artifacts, genuine if possible, but repro if necessary, to help bring the ancient world to life in lessons.

So I was interested to find that a Roman glass jug has just been sold on e-bay for just $9.90.

This makes the point that starting your own museum need not be too expensive. Greek decorated pottery may be out of our league, but items from Roman daily life could be affordable. Even coins, if you don't insist on fine quality.

Incidentally, the ARLT has collections of such objects for loan. They are best picked up at Summer School or Refresher Day, to avoid the postage to you on the bulky protective housing, though you do have to send them back. See Resources for Classics.

Incidentally, today brought news of a Dudley Museum's award for presenting an exhibition in the Romans on a small budget (Dudley News):

At the Renaissance West Midlands Awards on Thursday April 3, The Red House Glass Cone in Wordsley won best exhibition for a small budget' for its Romans exhibition.

It can be done.

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