Should the Classics community set its own exams?

An interesting suggestion from Brian Bishop:

You may have seen the Advanced Placement correspondence on Latinteach.

Someone has suggested that the American Classical League should take over the examinations that the United States College Board are halting. I think there is room for discussion as to whether there is space for a profession-based examination independent of the state examinations, which are subject to political vagaries.

This exercise could be international and include the Coordination Nationale des Associations Régionales
d'Enseignants de Langues Anciennes
in France and the Sociedad Española de Estudios Clásicos in Spain, the Scottish Classics Group, and equivalents in other countries. (I forget the name of the Australian association.)

This might involve such as Euroclassica or the organization that is taking Bob Lister to Italy on a seminar. You are aware of my regret that the J.A.C.T. or A.R.L.T. do not entertain international curiosity.

This idea is very much by way of an idea-stimulator, as I am sure that details of which I am unaware could alter and even scupper the concept. Do you think there could be mileage in running with it in this country?

I have not taken it into the area of the International Baccalaureat, which a number of schools, mainly independent, are using, and where the standard is maintained at a higher level.

See the EuroClassica site for the approved European Curriculum for Latin , the future European Certificate for Latin and the Academies.

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