Does this confuse the issue? An Italian Certamen Ciceronianum in Arpino

While googling 'Cicero competition' I found that there is an annual Ciceronian competition held in his home town of Arpinum (Arpino) It's for students in the last year of Italian Licei classici and equivalents in other countries.

The more Classical events the better, but I hope people don't get confused between the international CICERO competition that I've been reporting here, and this one in Arpino (founded, they say, in 1980).

By the way, the video of the Paris section of CICERO now on line is my second version. Apologies to people who tried to follow links to the first version, only to find it withdrawn.


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  1. Alessandra and Annalisa are aware of this well-established competition and we are considering approaching the organisers to see if they would be willing to act as sponsors of our competition. Our European competition is aimed at younger students, has different types of questions and although the title uses Cicero's name, this is because it makes such a wonderful acronym for our aims:
    certamen in concordiam europae regionum omnium
    'a competition to promote harmony in all areas of Europe'
    We will let you know if we get a response from them!
    from Anne Dicks, UK organiser and webmaster of CICERO

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