The Telegraph (and Times) report the Latin and Greek Festival

I blogged a notice about this a few weeks ago. Now it's happening.

(Update: The Times has fuller coverage here, including the news that about 1,000 people are taking part.)

From the Telegraph

Latin rap, the alter ego of street music

By Henry Samuel in Paris
Last Updated: 1:52am BST 05/04/2008

Rap songs performed in Latin are being held up as an antidote to the dumbing down of English and French at a festival in Europe.

Ista (Latin for That Girl), a German hip-hop group who set classical poets such as Virgil, Ovid and Catullus to rap – albeit with a heavy German accent – are the star attraction at the European Festival of Latin and Greek.

The group of former Classics students have sold around 2,500 CDs since forming in the 1990s. They claim that “Latin is a good language to rap in actually. It has a good rhythm and can be to the point”.

The festival is being held in Nantes – or Portus Namnetus, to use the Breton town's Latin name.

The organiser of the event, Elizabeth Antebi, said Latin enriched languages, particularly English, which she said was being savaged by linguistic globalisation. Listen

(The link to audio is missing on the Telegraph site, but try here.)

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