Film "Fall of the Roman Empire" coming out on DVD

I remember using scenes from this in class. There was an example of decimation, I seem to remember.


The Weinstein Company's Miriam Collection — a premiere label that restores and releases high-quality vintage classics, contemporary classics, and notable foreign films — has announced the upcoming DVD release of The Fall of the Roman Empire on April 29th.

In this 1964 epic, the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius appoints a successor to his throne — but he chooses his adopted son Livius over his own son, Commodus. Prior to Livius' coronation, Commodus murders his father and proclaims himself the new emperor, prompting an epic reign of terror and corruption. His brutish tyranny alienates his brother, and the power struggle between Commodus and Livius culminates in the ultimate battle between the barbarians and the Romans.

Featuring digitally remastered picture and sound, this beloved film, produced by Samuel Bronston (El Cid) and written by then-blacklisted writer Ben Barzman (El Cid), features captivating performances from Oscar winners Alec Guinness (The Bridge on the River Kwai, A Passage to India, Star Wars) and Sophia Loren (Two Women, El Cid), Golden Globe winners Omar Sharif (Doctor Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia), Stephen Boyd (Ben-Hur, Fantastic Voyage) and James Mason (A Star Is Born, Julius Caesar, North by Northwest), as well as Christopher Plummer (The Sound of Music). It is directed by the acclaimed director Anthony Mann (Spartacus, El Cid).

The Fall of the Roman Empire arrives on DVD as a three-disc Limited Collector's Edition, including exclusive bonus materials such as commentary by the producer's son Bill Bronston and film expert Mel Martin, a reproduction of the original 1964 souvenir program, a behind-the-scenes look at the real fall of the Roman Empire and much more.

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