More on CICERO

Hot on the heels of her first email came this from Anne Dicks:

Here you can see photos of the school itself, pictures of some of its
past pupils and a current English class who showed us their wall
display about the history of Britain. It was unfortunately not
possible to get all of our Italian hosts together on one photo, which
is a great pity, since the level of hospitality and friendship shown
to us throughout our stay was almost overwhelming! We had extensive
tours of this beautiful town and the oldest hall in the Library was
opened up especially for us so that we could see its most precious
treasures. Here you can see us in the Headmaster's study with our
huge pile of presents, (we are the ones sitting down) and outside a
restaurant at the end of our stay. Most of the teachers had had to
rush away to a Parents' Consultation on the Saturday afternoon before
we thought of taking a photo.

We are really grateful to Gigliola for inviting us and several of her
colleagues to her home for a banquet of local delicacies – and of
course the chance to meet her two dogs Black and Nero as well as the
elderly cat who keeps them in their place. We felt as though we had
known Alessandra and Annalisa for years: they looked after us so well
and it just isn't possible to express how everyone took us to their
hearts without reservation.

We advertise the CICERO competition as an illustration of how a study
of the Romans provides an opportunity for young people to meet their
counterparts across Europe – but it is doing the same thing for their
teachers as well! We will treasure our memories of our Italian
friends and I am certainly looking forward to meeting the rest of my
fellow-organisers in the not-too-distant future.

Anne Dicks

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