Francis Holland School Classics Department launches a resources site

Steven Jenkin of Francis Holland School has contacted us to tell about his website. It is all to the good to have another place to share teaching resources, to add to OCR's Classics Community and ARLT's own Teachers' Section.

I’ve designed a website, where Classics teachers around the country, or internationally, can upload resources of their own, to share with others. The site is organised by subject and key stage, and should be simple to navigate. From all I can discover, there’s no other site that does this, or at least does this comprehensively for all classical subjects (irrespective of examining board) at every key stage from 2 to 5. I am considering including key stage 1, if we think there would be sufficient interest. I have also included pages on classical associations and on specifications, which will expand and be updated very regularly, to help people access the information they might need, should it be specification-specific.

The simplest thing would be for you to visit the site:

You’ll find that my department (at Francis Holland School, NW1) have already started uploading documents. I am currently contacting colleagues and other classical associations to call on people to view the site and share their resources. I will also be writing to Aisha Khan and Bob Lister to encourage their PGCE students to take full advantage.

You’ll notice that the url of the classics library is part of my department site, in which you might also be interested:

I hope this all seems clear and helpful. Potentially, I think this could be an extremely beneficial resource for classicists: it’s true that its usefulness is determined by the regularity of uploads.

Steve Jenkin

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