From Anne Dicks on this year's CICERO Latin competition

I thought you would like to know that preparations for the second European 6th Form CICERO competition (to be held at Malvern St James on April 18th) are well under way. We are delighted with the number of entrants, some of whom will be travelling quite a distance to get to us. You can see details on the multi-lingual website I have created for the competition .

This year we have France, Italy, Spain and Andorra joining us and I have been liaising with my European colleagues to finalise the questions : a translation from Latin and questions on the myth of Hercules. Anyone who doubts the value of learning Latin should take note that it actually provides a valid reason for young people across Europe to interact with each other as well as exercising their brains!

The one sad thing about this year's competition is that it proved absolutely impossible for all countries to agree on the same date, so it is taking place at two different times : Saturday 29th March for France and Italy and Friday 18th April for Spain, Andorra and the UK (this will be the main video-conferencing date). The good news is that I am travelling out to Lodi, just outside Milan, for the Italian competition which will be taking place in a prestigious building – the public Library. It will be great to meet Alessandra and Annalisa who are the Italian organisers, and I will send you some photos as soon as I can. I will ask Patrick to send photos of the competition in Paris and Jean-Luc to send some from Strasbourg.

We are really grateful for support from Boris Johnson, Lindsey Davis, Tony Robinson, Ashley Carter, Barbara Bell, Guy de la Bedoyere and Sir Anthony Cleaver as well as many Classical organisations (and it is still not too late to enter the competition: students might be interested to know that there are substantial cash prizes to be won as well as a beautiful silver trophy).

I will be in touch!
from Anne

Anne Dicks

Pyrrha's Roman Pages

CICERO Latin competition

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